Acne said to increase risk of depression

According to an analysis published in The British Journal of Dermatology there is a link between acne and increased risk of depression.

The analysis is based on the data of one of the largest electronic medical records databases in the world – The Health Improvement Network (THIN) (1986-2012). Researchers found that patients with acne had a significantly increased risk of developing major depression, but only in the first 5 years after being diagnosed with acne.

Authors of the analysis have found that risk for major depression was highest within 1 year of acne diagnosis–a 63 per cent higher risk compared with individuals without acne–and decreased thereafter.

The results indicate that it is critical that physicians monitor mood symptoms in patients with acne and initiate prompt treatment for depression or seek consultation from a psychiatrist when needed. Check out the Acne no more remedy. Click Here!

According to one of the authors, their analysis reveals an important link between skin disease and mental illness.  For these patients with acne, it is more than a skin blemish–it can impose significant mental health concerns and should be taken seriously, one of the authors said.

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